Fabric Innovation: ThermaMax



There is nothing more irritating than piling on a bunch of textile clothing in winter months, but realizing that you have to take them off due to the clammy and sticky sensation. It is equally frustrating in summer time, when you are trying to find the most breathable garments that you can wear to releae your body but ending up sweating like a pig. Although it seems a bit extreme, it accurately points out both the clothing discomfort and potential health risk.

ThermaMax finish can keep you warm when you are cold and keep you cool when you are hot!

How it works

ThermaMax is a uniquely formulated coating compound that contains carbon and mineral particles. When applied to heat fabric, these particles exhibit exceptional hydrophilic properties that constantly absorb and release moisture vapor existing between a person’s skin and the garment to the outside atmosphere. In addition, these nano particles are emitted by the infrared heat generated from the human body, which automatically utilize the energy to speed up the moisture evaporation process when the human body is hot, or generate warmth when the human body is cold.

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