Fabric Innovation: MaxAliento



When you are left in a hazardous or extreme environment, If you do not have a protective layer worn. You can get put yourself in a very dangerous situation.

The advanced treatment gives our fabrics enhanced Durable Water repellency, maximizing the waterproofness and wind-blocking performance. The High tech-coating and membrane bring efficient Moisture permeability and low condensation in perfect balance.

How it works

MaxAliento is a technology where our applied membrane is structured in a way that it physically blocks the water from penetrating through the membrane.They breathe by absorbing and evaporating the sweat through the diffusion of water vapour molecules. The chemical structure of the membrane is made up of hydrophiic components meaning that it enforces and reacts when contacting heat or water vapour molecules. Our MaxAliento can be made in form of Eco-friendly, bio-based, PU, TPU and many more. Having the capability of reaching from 3,000mm ~ 30,000mm for water permeability and 3,000mm ~ 25,000 Moisture Vapour permeability.

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