Fabric Innovation: ArmaMax Eco+



Bacteria have been around us in our daily lives, there are a handful of “bad” Bacteria out there. Of the total bacteria ins our bodies, a healthy balance is 85% good bacteria and 15% of bad bacteria. Bad bacteria are defined as pathogen bacteria, which means they may cause infections capable of making us either sick or even kill us. However, Maxland has provided a solution to this problem—Armamax Eco+

Our Anti-Bacteria solution can protect us from these pathogen bacteria thus helps us to elaborate our “STAY GREEN, BACTERIA OUT” slogan, emphasizing on both sustainable and in the same time keeping the wearer Healthy.

How it works

ArmaMax Eco+ series, utilizes the properties of ions performing as a coated armor around the fabric/yarn by restricting bacteria growth and resproduction. The newly developed Armamax Eco+ series, not only is a sustainable improved anti bacteria technology but also a technology that enhances the comfort of the user by creating high performance as well as extreme durability in anti-microbial and anti-odor. Additionally, this series can be used in single layer fabrics, and also be applied in our coatings and membranes to enhance performance of the original function by adding an anti-bacteria feature onto the applied finish.

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