Sportswear Collection: Athleisure Series

“A life of leisure never satisfies anyone who possesses a lively mind.”

—Kilroy J. Oldster

Comfortable, fashionable, cross-functional, dynamic, free and endurance are all foundational attributes of Athleisure. Athleisure, a word that describe a brand new style in fashion that combines athletic appearances with casual comfort.

Athleisure products are becoming a fashion trend in workplace, schools and informal social environments and they are also ideally suitable to exercises and other athletic activities. With outstanding results in odor control, sweat wicking, breathability, stain release and water repellence.

Odor Control

Athleisure outfit is a popular and trendy dress up style due to its casual, fashionable and convenient characters that can be wearable in multiple occasions. Applying anti-bacterial function to fabrics can carry out in various ways : from initial yarn stage, chemical to end finishing treatment, and it is accompanied with anti-odor advantage. With the odor control functionality, it keeps wearers away from unpleasant smell and enjoy their daily activities in cool lifestyle.



Sweat Wicking

Sweat is uncomfortably wet and often embarrassing. Wicking fabrics can help to pull moisture away from your body, and evaporate through the fabrics and dry quickly. This wicking function can let your body feels dry and cool during intense workout or in heated weather.

Stain Release

Having the extra function - stain release performance on the fabrics can enhance its lifetime, durability and easily to use. It allows the users to avoid the stain accidents during their daily activities.



Water Repellence

Made for


Packable lightweight fabric with windproof and water repellent functions.


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