Sportswear Collection: Less Is More Series

More and beyond your expectation!


Less is More is the product for uniform collection, different work environments require different sets of fiber, from anti-bacterial, wicking, uv cut, anti-static from corporate wear to tough military uniforms. The range of products are woven and knitted with fantastic treatment and finishing—durable water repellent, oil repellent, stain release. We welcome customers to develop their idea uniform with us.



Maxland Anti-Bacterial treatment works efficiently to inhibit the bacteria’s growth to ensure your gears stay cleaner and fresher.



UV Cut


Prevent direct sunlight to irritate consumers’ skin and potentially cause allergies.

Stain Release

We apply special treatment allowing the most difficult stains to be easily released when washing , to save harmful chemicals and water.



Oil Repellent

Water Repellent

Made for


Extreme PPE, with functional treatment on the appearance which could be water/oil repellent, stain release, and chemical resistance, the range of uniform is from courier, chef, worker of lab.


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